Casino 101: Pin-up Casino Withdrawals and Withdrawal problems

Pin Up Casino game deals with interesting gambling and betting opportunities that attractively invite enthusiasts to join them. The game is lucrative and the players have a real-time casino experience on the virtual platform. They can easily make money in a simple and honest way. The slot machines are genuine and Random Number Generation RNG System is used by them in order to process the game. In order to play, one needs to deposit certain money in their wallet and set an actual bet on the casino but in an online mode. The players can win and lose some funds as far as their wallets on the Pin Up Casino platform are considered. However, the exciting part is that they can easily withdraw the money won. To do so, they can use various online payment methods. Nevertheless, there is one common concern that haunts the users.

Online monetary business is not easy to trust and might come with a lot of problems. But this is not the case for Pin Up Casino. The money in the wallet on Pin Up Casino can be easily withdrawn using the available transfer options. The payment reaches the accounts of the players within 24 hours to 72 hours. In case there are certain problems that one might have to face while pursuing withdrawals, they are instantly and carefully resolved by the Support Team. All the details pertaining to the withdrawals and withdrawal problems on Pin Up Casino are mentioned subsequently. Read thoroughly and gain all the information you need while requesting a withdrawal of your award on the Online Casino Platform.

How to Withdraw Money on Pin Up Casino?

The money withdrawal system on Pin Up Casino is extremely convenient and uncomplicated. The players just need to follow certain simple steps to request a withdrawal. To do so, observe the ensuing method:

  1. Open the official portal of Pin Up Casino at
  2. Now, tap on the option of Start Playing in order to reach the respective portal.
  3. Tap on the button of Login so as to sign in on the portal.
  4. The Sign info will appear on the screen.
  5. Enter the Telephone or Mail that was used at the time of the creation of the account on the Pin Up Casino portal.
  6. Enter the Password for the respective account of the user.
  7. Open the menu so as to get a list of the various relative options.
  8. Head to the Profile option on the menu and tap on it.
  9. Click on the tab of Cashier to get details of the deposits, withdrawals, and balance.
  10. Check out the Withdrawal tab to request withdrawal of the desired balance or amount from the Casino portal.
  11. Next, decide the precise amount that has to be withdrawn from the wallet. The proprietors have set a minimum withdrawal amount of Rs. 300. The balance needs to be at least the said amount in order to issue a withdrawal.
  12. Finally, choose the payment method and enter the information and other financial details as required in the form.
  13. Submit the form in order to get the required amount.

Monetary Transfer Methods available for Withdrawal

The Users have to choose a particular payment method that they wish the authorities to use in order to issue the withdrawal and disperse the requested amount into the bank accounts or wallets of the player. One thing that one needs to closely observe is that all the methods available are for online banking. By no means, does the Pin Up Casino offers to deliver the money in an offline mode. The wallets that one can request money in are limited for the purpose of online transfers and the m penny transfer in the bank accounts will be only by the means of online credits.

The following methods are available on the Pin Up Casino portal for money withdrawal:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Webmoney
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • EcoPayz
  • Sticpay
  • Ecobank

There are certain banks in India that restrict the disbursement of money through the process followed by Pin Up Casino. Thus, the users need to observe that this could be one of the prime reasons for not being able to receive their amount. Thus, they are advised to keep track and instantly choose other methods to receive their award money in order to avoid inconvenience.

Moreover, there might be cases the currencies differ. However, the users should hardly be concerned. The amount automatically gets converted into INR for Indian players who are residing in their nations.

Duration of Dispersement of Money Withdrawal

One of the most occurring thoughts that one gets while requesting withdrawal is how much time it actually takes in order to get the money requested. Indian Players can download any amount which is more than Rs. 300. However, the payment options which a user chooses have their own limits. Thus, the users have to check out accordingly. Additionally, the payment methods charge a particular amount to provide their services. The players are the ones who have to bear the extra charges. Thus, after all the charges and external factors, the final amount is dispersed into the e-wallets or bank accounts of the users.

Based on the information provided by the Pin Up Casino authorities, it hardly takes 2 hours to disperse the amount requested. However, the users have reported that sometimes it takes 24 hours to 72 hours in order to get the money deposited in their respective wallets and accounts. The authorities will make sure that the money is credited to the account of the users. Thus they conduct verification.

Verification for Money Withdrawal

The Users need to observe that there are multiple verifications that they have to go through in order to get the money into their bank accounts. The Pin Up Casino only allows money transfers to the accounts of the users. The funds are non-transferable to accounts other than those of the users. The players cannot enter details of external bank accounts or link their Pin Up Casino accounts to multiple accounts at one time. The verification procedure is one of the most problematic parts because the Users often get irritated due to perpetual verifications at the time of withdrawals. However, this policy is opted only to ensure the security of the payments and the safety of the money earned by the Users.

Support by the authorities

In case, the users are facing certain problems while requesting money or the payment has been extensively delayed, they can contact the team of Pin Up Casino. The Support team is very readily available to those in need. The players need to follow these simple steps in order to get help with whatever they are facing problems with:

  1. Open the Pin Up Casino Portal.
  2. Scroll and reach the footer section.
  3. Out of all the listed options, tap on the link to open the Support page.
  4. Users can request help through email, international calls, website chat, or through Frequently Asked Questions FAQs answers.
  5. The Users can easily state their problems by drafting an email which stated their problems with supportive evidence. The content needs to be mailed to The Users need to be careful as the support mail has to be sent in English. In case there is a problem with the language, they can use online translators to translate the subject and then email it.
  6. The Players can also choose to make online calls to the Support Team. Assistance is only available in the English Language. Thus, the communication will be intended in the same. Users need to make arrangements accordingly if they wish to receive help from the Pin Up Casino Support Staff. The international helpline number is +35722008792.
  7. Users can easily log in and use the real-time chat option to address their queries.
  8. Lastly, Users can choose to check the Frequently Asked Questions FAQs web page and they might be able to find answers to their queries there.

In a Nutshell, the withdrawals through the Pin Up Casino are extremely easy and real. It does nor takes a lot of effort on the part of Users to go through the Withdrawal procedure. In case they face certain problems, it is very easy to deal with them, with complete assistance from the Support Team. Thus, the issues that one might face with the Pin Up Casino Withdrawals are minimal. The transfers are extremely convenient and safe.

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