List of Courses After 12th Arts Stream: Diploma, UG, Professional Courses, Career, Salary, Colleges

Courses After 12th Arts: The students who have passed with or are currently studying Arts Stream are often consumed in contemplations on what to pursue after Class 12th. Humanities is the most underrated stream and there are many misconceptions about the future of students as they pursue Class 12 with Arts. However, the truth is that Humanities is equally valuable and career uplifting as Sciences or Commerce. Although the students are unaware that there are no lesser future opportunities if they pass Class 12th with the Arts Subjects. Humanities are mostly theoretical and non-technical. It also embraces a scope of creativity for the students. The Humanities stream typically includes subjects such as History, Civics, Geography, Political Science, Public Administration, Performing Arts, Fine Arts, and the list goes on. Since there are numerous subjects that are included in the stream, it is pretty obvious that there will be multiple career choices to pursue as well.

Courses After 12th Arts
Courses After 12th Arts

The students who are interested in Arts are no less than those who are studying Sciences or Commerce. The career options and courses after Humanities can be equally lucrative and rewarding as the ones pursuing Medical Sciences or Technical Streams or involved in Business. The students need to carefully observe all the options and choose the best-suited one as it matches their interests and passion. Read about all the Courses, Career streams, and Colleges that are available for the students who pass Class 12 with Arts subjects in the subsequent article and understand the professional prospect of the Arts stream.

Courses After 12th Arts

There are a considerable number of courses that are available for the students of Arts Stream to pursue after Class 12th. The students can not only take up artistic or creative courses but also can opt for theoretical and humanistic educative courses if they have passed the Class 12 with Arts stream. There are many subjects that fall under the stream of Arts and hence, they can easily choose their individual subject or field and make a professional career in that. The following Arts subjects are usually taught in Class 12 in India:

  • Economics
  • English
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Fashion Studies
  • Fine Arts
  • Geography
  • Hindi
  • History
  • Home Science
  • Human Rights and Gender Studies
  • Informatics Practices
  • Law
  • Languages such as French, German, Spanish
  • Mass Media
  • Performing Arts such as Music and Dance
  • Philosophy
  • Physical Education
  • Political Science
  • Psychology
  • Public Administration
  • Sociology

The students who are pursuing any of the subjects in Class 12 are believed to be studying in the Arts stream. They need to consider the relative career opportunities related to their respective subjects while picking out a suitable course. Moreover, the students are allowed to change their subjects at graduation if they find themselves more inclined to any other particular subject or Course or professional field.

Diploma Courses to Pursue After Class 12 with Arts

The students can easily opt out of the conventional and mostly pursued education path of striving for a degree and choose a relatable diploma course. They will receive a diploma certificate upon completion of the undergraduate diploma course. The course is of shorter duration as compared to a fully-fledged degree. The prime difference is regarding the depth of the course. In the case of a diploma, the students get a general knowledge of the field and they are not taught the intricate details of the subject. The educative level is above Class 12 but it is less than an Undergraduate degree. However, in the case of professional skill-based careers, where experience and creative flair are valued, a recognised diploma certificate is just enough to get started. The following diploma courses can be pursued after Class 12th with the Arts stream:

  • 3 Dimensional Animation
  • Culinary Art
  • Content Writing and Search Engine Optimisation
  • Digital Marketing
  • Diploma or a Professional Certificate in Yoga
  • Dramatics
  • DEd or Diploma in Education
  • Fashion Designing
  • Film Editing
  • Film Making
  • Fine Arts
  • Foreign or Third Languages such as French, German, Spanish, and much more
  • Graphic Designing
  • Hotel Management
  • Interior Designing
  • Journalism
  • Multimedia
  • Professional Photography
  • Psychology
  • Radio Production and Management
  • Retail Management
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Visual Arts
  • Visual effects or VFX

Undergraduate Courses After 12th Arts

While talking about Undergraduate Courses, the scope widens for the students as compared to diplomas. Instead of grabbing a certificate in the field of interest, the students can get a degree in the same. A degree course is usually 3 or 4 years. In the case of Integrated Courses which last more than 4 years, the students get an opportunity to receive a Post Graduate degree. Undergraduate courses are elaborate and provide intricate graduate-level knowledge to the students. The following courses can be pursued as Undergraduate degrees after Class 12:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Animation
  • Bachelor of Arts in any of the aforementioned subjects or BA
  • Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts or BFA
  • Bachelor of Arts in Performing Arts
  • Bachelor of Arts in Visual Arts
  • Bachelor of Arts in Humanities
  • Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics, if the student has opted for Mathematics in Class 12 along with Arts
  • Bachelor of Arts along with Law or BA LLB
  • Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality
  • Bachelor of Arts in Travel
  • Bachelor of Business Administration or BBA
  • Bachelor of Business Administration in Law or BBA LLB
  • Bachelor of Commerce or BCom
  • Bachelor of Computer Application or BCA
  • Bachelor of Design
  • Bachelor of Design in Animation
  • Bachelor of Journalism
  • Bachelor of Mass Media or BMM
  • Mass Communication

Professional Courses After Class 12 with Arts

The students are now valuing professional courses more than the usual and traditional educative courses. Such courses insist on the availability of professional inclination in studies and aim at providing more and more skills to the students. After professional courses, the job opportunities for students grow and they are more equipped to professionally work than those who have just graduated from Undergraduate Courses. The following professional courses can be pursued by the Arts students after Class 12:

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts or BFA
  • Bachelor of Business Administration or BA
  • Integrated Law course or BA LLB
  • Bachelor of Fashion Design or BFD
  • Bachelor of Hotel Management or BHM
  • Bachelor of Social Work or BSW
  • Bachelors of Arts in Music
  • Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and Performance
  • Bachelor of Arts in Photography
  • Bachelors in Digital Communication
  • Bachelors in Architectue
  • Bachelors in Studio Art or Drawing
  • Bachelor in Clay Art
  • Bachelors in Ceramics
  • Bachelors in Sculpture
  • Bachelor of Design Innovation in Animation and Visual Effects
  • Bachelor of Design- Interior and Environmental Design (Honours)
  • Textile Designing
  • Bachelor in Culinary Management
  • Bachelors in International Hotel and Resort Management
  • Bachelors in Tourism and Hospitality Management
  • Bachelors in Event Management
  • Bachelors in Film and Digital Media
  • Bachelors in Archaeology
  • Bachelors in Photography
  • Bachelors of Design in Fashion and Lifestyle
  • Bachelors in Dramatic
  • Bachelors of Design in Visual Communication
  • Bachelors in Law
  • Bachelors in Psychology
  • Foreign Language Proficiency Undergraduate Courses
  • Bachelor in Graphic Design
  • Bachelors in Interior Designing
  • Honours in English
  • Bachelors in Management
  • Bachelors in Journalism and Mass Communication
  • Bachelors in Linguistics
  • Bachelors in Human Development
  • Bachelors in International Relations

Well Acknowledged Colleges to look out for

The students who wish to pursue any of the courses mentioned above can check out the top-ranked colleges. Just as much the course and stream matter, the college in which the degree or diploma course is pursued. The students must check all the colleges that they can get admitted to, depending upon their course of choice. There are various top-ranked colleges, sometimes specifically for a particular field. Colleges have their way of admitting students and the aspirants need to check the criteria very carefully for every institution.

Top Ranked Indian Colleges for Courses After 12th Arts

Students who wish to study in India must focus on their merit and entrance examination marks. They also need to carefully check the entrance admission formats of the particular colleges they are applying to. The following is a list of top-ranked colleges in India to pursue Art courses from:

  • Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi University, Delhi
  • Loyola College, Chennai
  • St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai
  • Christ University, Bangalore
  • Miranda House, Delhi University, Delhi
  • Presidency College, Chennai
  • Hindu College, Delhi University, Delhi
  • Ferguson College, Pune
  • Presidency University, Kolkata
  • Meher Chand Mahajan College, Panjab University, Chandigarh
  • Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi
  • Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi
  • St. Stephen’s College, Delhi University, Delhi

Top Ranked Foreign Colleges for Courses After 12th Arts

To get admitted to top-ranked foreign universities or colleges in the Arts stream, the students must realise the excessive competition that they will face. The students shall appear for the Scholastic Aptitude Test and attempt TOEFL or ILETS. They also need to check with the individual entrance formats:

  • Harvard University, Cambridge, United States of America
  • Oxford University, London, United Kingdom
  • The University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.
  • University of Sydney, Sydney Australia
  • The University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand
  • The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, United States of America
  • Stanford University, California, United States of America
  • Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, München, Germany
  • The University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, United States
  • Dartmouth College, New Hampshire, United States
  • Columbia University, New York, United States
  • The University of Aukland, Auckland, New Zealand
  • University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia

Career Prospects and Salary Expectations After 12th Arts

The students who are studying Arts need not worry pertaining to the career options that will open up after graduating or finishing their diploma course. They can apply for jobs related to their fields and earn high salaries. Here are a few top career options for the students along with the Salary expectations:

  • Journalist: On average, a journalist can earn Rs. 3.5 Lakhs per annum. If the student manages to bag top positions, the package increases and can reach up to Rs. 10 Lakhs per annum.
  • Psychologist: A psychologist can easily earn anything between Rs. 2 Lakhs per annum to Rs. 9 Lakhs per annum depending upon the expertise and experience.
  • Content Writers: Content Writing is a budding industry that is highly lucrative. Content writers can make up to Rs. 11 Lakhs per annum if they do their jobs right.
  • Creative Director: A creative director can earn Rs. 10 Lakhs per annum on average and this job involves sheer skill and relative experience or education.
  • Lawyer: A lawyer can make up to Rs. 15 Lakhs per annum if they graduate from a top University and practice in relevant fields.
  • Actors: It is not unknown how much actors can earn if they excel in their fields. An actor can earn crores if they are publically acknowledged.
  • Influencers: Influencers can make money through social media content creation and advertising. They can earn up to Rs. 16 Lakhs per annum while working as a Content Creator.
  • Singers: Professional Singers can earn up to Rs, 20 Lakhs per annum and even more depending upon their audience and popularity.
  • Dancers: Working as professional dancers or choreographers, dancers can also lead a lucrative life where their income depends on the audience and the fame.
  • Sculptors, Sketchers, Painters, or Artists: People who create something in fine arts can also earn up to Rs, 17 Lakhs per annum by pursuing their passion.
  • Interior Designers: This is an expensive field but when a student successfully graduates as an Interior Designer, he/she can earn up to Rs 25 Lakhs per annum.
  • Architects: The salary and earnings of Architects range between Rs. 3 Lakhs per annum and Rs. 20 Lakhs per annum depending upon their experience and expertise. Architecture is a very lucrative field.

For more information regarding Diploma, UG, Professional Courses, after Class 12th Arts Stream and related Careers options, Salary, Colleges, and more, keep checking the space.

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