Pin Up Bet Portal Review

Pin Up Bet Portal Review: The Pin-Up Bet is an online bookmaker that allows casino lovers and enthusiasts of betting games to have myriad options to pursue their interests. The venture allows people to participate in exclusive events and set up bets on multiple sports, casinos, TV Games, and V Sports.

The bookmaker is available through the portal and a mobile application. It not only is a unique sports betting platform that serves the craze of betting fanatics but also offers myriad benefits such as expeditious payouts, bonuses, team support, eccentric quizzes to allow free bets, and so much more. The portal of Pin-Up Bet is gaining unmatchable popularity among the bookmakers available online due to its varied selections of sports and betting opportunities.

If you also wish to pin up a bet online and receive multiple advantages of being connected to the bookmaker, you need to use the Pin-Up Bet portal. Here in the subsequent space, we have reviewed the website and mobile application of the online bookmaker for betting. Read thoroughly in order to gain a perspective on how to use the webpage and app and what are the pros and cons of the portal.

Pin Up Bet Portal Review

What is the Pin Up Bet Portal?

The Pin Up Bet has been in business for more than 5 years and is catering to betting enthusiasts in many parts of the world. The company is owned by Black Wood Limited and is originally based in Cyprus. The company later extended its establishment to India, Peru, Ukraine, Russia, the United Kingdom, Turkey, Brazil, Portugal, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Chile. Since its establishment, it has been renowned to be one of the most reliable betting platforms available online that provides fascinating experiences to users. The team Pin Up Bet makes 30,000 live sporting events available to the players on a monthly basis. These affairs are featured on the platform along with over 7,500 championships in more than 65 sporting disciplines.

Sports such as Football, Basketball, Cricket, Badminton, Table Tennis, Kabaddi, Volleyball, Tennis, and more are available on Pin Up Bet Portal. The players who wish to get an unmatchable betting acquaintance in sporting occasions such as FIFA, FIFA, NBA, ATP, IIHF, NHL, and more can easily access the specific web portal of the bookmaker, register and place their bets. There is a constant listing of dealers that are presently online. The players can use the portal to play at online casinos and win big. Live events are posted on the website so that the players can get an exceptional experience of playing live but on a virtual interface. Playing on Pin Up Bet Portal is a very uncomplicated and breezy process. Additionally, the rewards that one can get by simply being hooked on to the website are very interesting and worth drooling. No bets can be placed through the Pin Up Bet Portal if the user has not been registered.

Eligibility criteria and pre-requisites to join the Pin Up Bet Portal

One does not need any specific qualifications or credentials in order to be able to register on the portal of the Pin Up Bet. However, since the games are full of addictive risks, they have to be played by people of stable age with developed minds. Hence, the authorities only players and users of age over 18 to be able to place bets and play games online through the portal. Anonymous users are not allowed to make bets and interested prospects can only participate if they are registered. Further, since the game invites inclusivity of monetary details of the player and deals with complex privacy issues, it is best suggested that the potential registrants read the Terms and Conditions of the portal prior to their registrations. Privacy policies must also be viewed before the placement of bets.

How to Register on the Portal of Pin Up Bets?

It is quite easy to register on the official portal of Pin Up Bets. Additionally, it is highly rewarding as well. The bookmaker offers an exclusive Rs. 25,000 bonus to the players who register. The players can use the bonus money in order to place their bets online. The monetary dealings are made depending on the regional location of the players. Thus, the amount might differ for different nations where Pin Up Bets is available. Follow these simple steps if you intend to join the Pin Up Bets portal and further place bets on an event of your choice:

  • Open the official web page of the Pin Up Bet Portal through the web address
  • On the landing page of the portal, tap on the button to Sign Up.
  • Enter an active and valid Email ID in the form.
  • Nextly, create a Password for your Pin Up Bet Portal account and reconfirm the password to avoid any mistakes.
  • The Candidates need to select their country from the list of available options.
  • Post that, since Pin Up Bets deals with money-based games and bets, the users are required to select the Currency that they can deal in and is prevalent in their specific region.
  • The available option for currency to choose from are Russian Rouble, Ukrainian Hryvnya, Brazilian Real, Turkish Lira, Canadian Dollar, Chilean Peso, Belarusian Ruble, Peruvian Sol, Indian Rupee, Polish złoty, Uzbekistani So’m, Bulgarian Lev, AzerbaijaniIndo Manat, Indonesian Rupiah, Columbian Peso, Argentine Peso, Kazah Tenge, US Dollar, and Euro.
  • Click on the option of Next to move forward with the form.
  • Enter the First Name and the Last Name of the player.
  • Select the Date of Birth in the options listed.
  • Lately, enter the City, Post Code, Address, and Phone Number of the player.
  • The registrants must agree with the Terms and Conditions, and only then they shall be allowed to register on the portal.
  • The registrants can also choose to Receive newsletters about promotions by email and text message from the Pin Up Bet portal.
  • Finally, tap on the Sign-Up button.
  • The Email ID entered and the Password created by the User will be further used for accessing the portal by logging in.

Log In on Pin Up Bet Portal

The prospects who wish to place an online bet and use the services offered by the Pin Up Portal will be required to login in order to be able to access it. Only the candidates who have registered on the website using the aforementioned steps will be able to do so. Hence, all the registrants need to follow the steps given below in order to sign in after signing up:

  • Open the Pin Up Bet Portal at the web address
  • Nextly, the candidates must head to the topmost menu and tap on the option of Log in.
  • The form to sign in on the portal will open up.
  • Enter the Phone Number or Email ID entered at the time of registration.
  • Nextly, enter the Password created by registering the respective account.
  • Finally, tap on the option of login.
  • Such users who have forgotten their respective credentials can easily tap on the Forgot Password option and retrieve the account by creating new credentials for the same account.
  • However, candidates seeking to create a new password for an existing account will have to go through verification on the portal.

Benefits of Using the Pin Up Bet Portal

Using the Pin Up Portal might not be a choice. If someone feels like placing a bet through the Pin Up Bet Bookmaker, the only option is to do it online and use the portal. Even if you choose to use a mobile or tablet application, you will be eventually using a similar web page. However, the app comes with its limitations and the prime one is that it is exclusively available to android users. The users with products of Apple cannot use the app and hence will have to eventually rely on the web portal. Thus, in one way or the other, the Pin Up Bet Portal becomes inevitable if you wish to use the services of the betting site.

Here are a few major benefits of using the website:

  • Users can have exceptional deals as they register. The portal offers them a welcome bonus of Rs. 25,000.
  • The portal ensures that the players are notified regarding the available promotions and offers that the company has to offer. All the vouchers and interesting deals can be spotted on the portal itself.
  • The website has categories specifically distinctive for the convenience of the users.
  • Pin Up Bet Portal comes up with quizzes every Tuesday that one just needs to win and can get access to free bets.
  • When the players make deposits in their Pin Up Bet accounts, the portal offers them bonuses.
  • The players can make changes in their bets even after placing them. This is one of the most advantageous parts of the Pin Up Bets.
  • One of the most exciting features of the Pin Up Bets is that it makes use of the Website Mirrors which further makes it much more easy and accessible.
  • There is the usage of board lines while Painting and this is a major feature of the Pin Up Bets Portal.
  • The portal is able to immediately be able to display the wagers and winnings of the User which makes it easier for the player to keep a record of their performance and analyse accordingly.
  • The withdrawals through the portal are not only easy but also quick. Thus, the users often find themselves on the right track with the website.
  • Mobile application is also an exciting part of the Pin Up Bets. It is much more feasible to use and the players who perpetually use the Pin Up Bets for placing bets can conveniently use the app for much better access.

Cons of Using Pin Up Bets Portal

Even though the Pin Up Bets portal is very convenient and uncomplicated to use, there might be some technical bugs that could occasionally cause problems for minor users. However, the players must also observe that inconsequential issues often observe in a web application or portal and this is very normal. Still, the Pin Up Bets Portal is comparatively very smooth. However, there is one major drawback. The portal might require the players to verify themselves again and again at the time of withdrawals. If the users are unable to get themselves verified, they might not be able to withdraw their awards. But, once the verification is done, the money transfers are easy and quick.

User Interface Review for Pin Up Bet Portal

Users will find it very easy to use the portal. This is because apart from the aforementioned benefits, the Pin Up Bets Portal comes up with a highly systematic and User-Friendly UI or User Interface. This stands out to be the best part of the portal. The players will not get confused or feel lost while using the website. This enables them to trust and get accustomed to using it. The players just need to have an uncomplicated portal while they set up the bets such that its complex nature is not distracting and problematic.


In a nutshell, the portal for the Pin Up Bets is highly recommended due to its accessibility, advantages, and breezy technical quality. The players can observe that verification at the time of withdrawals also guarantees additional safety and a sense of security because it might be easy to hack the accounts and play on other Users’ behalf but it is not that simple to withdraw money. Thus, it is not only convenient but also safe. Users can trust the portal and freely place their bets or play games online. The dealers and live bets are out there and available in a very expedient manner. The portal only adds to the ease of the players and makes it simple to understand the functioning of the game, which is what they require the most. The schemes of the portal are attractive but are equally normal that they do not distract the players. The safety and security levels of the Pin Up Bets Portal make it more reliable and dependable. Thus, the User has ensured satisfaction in the course of their usage of the portal.

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